September Minutes for Review



September 16, 2009 6:30pm


Members in Attendance: Judd Adams, Chair, Harry Corwin, Judy Corwin, Ellen Heath, Susan Lamb, Linda Petrie  Guest: Steve Horsmon, General Manager

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 I.          Judy Corwin volunteered to be Secretary for this meeting.

 II.        August minutes were approved with no corrections or additions.

III.       Financial Report:  Current garden balance is $454.41.  Current weed balance is   $1460.

IV.       Demonstration Garden:  Susan reported that very little water is exiting the spigot, indicating that very little water remains in the tank.  Steve went out to check the water level and confirmed that about 10 gallons remain, which doesn’t provide enough pressure to push the water through the pipe to the spigot.  But, since it’s the end of the season, this isn’t a problem.  It also confirms that a single tank of water is sufficient for the season.

After much discussion regarding the best way to deliver water to the garden and last month’s vote to relocate the water tank from the garden to the side of the Association Office where it could collect rain water, which is against the law, Susan moved “to amend last month’s vote and retain the water tank in its present location.”  The motion carried unanimously.  The committee agreed to postpone further discussion about possibly amending last month’s vote to remove the drip irrigation system from the garden until the October meeting or a meeting next spring.

On related issues, Judd volunteered to fill the water tank again next season with water from Crellin Lake (as approved by the R&R Board) rather than pay to have water delivered from town.  Steve agreed to post a sign on the water tank indicating that well water isn’t used for the garden.

Other discussion focused on dates for a fall workday, to be determined by a date agreeable to members of the Garden Subcommittee, who are to submit available dates to Susan. The Aspen tree shows signs of disease and needs to be sprayed.

In the future when our contracts with the county expire, xeric plants will replace any plants that die.  Steve affirmed that the garden is seen as a great information tool for the Association.

V.        Pine Beetle and Fire Mitigation Updates:  Judd attended a Bark Beetle Workshop at the Livermore Hall with entomologist Dave Leatherman who said that, as important as tree thinning is for protection against Mountain Pine Beatle, it is far more important for protection against wildfires. Thinning our Ponderosa Pines is the number one thing to do to reduce the negative impact of the bark beetles, because the density of our trees is too great.  We have a tree infestation problem, not a bug infestation problem, and thinning our forests has an added benefit for fire mitigation. Also, if you are going to spray, you have to commit to spraying for 10 years. Judd reported these findings to the Boards today. Harry reported on the pheromone, Verbenone.  Packets of this pheromone are stapled to the tree and are a more environmentally friendly way to combat the beetles, compared to spraying. The pheromone does not kill the beetles and does not kill bees or other beneficial insects either. The packets cost about $10 apiece. There have been negative comments to the office about Tiger Tree Land Management.

VI.       Trails Report: The Asbury Trail sign has been removed because it was on private property.  New home owners asked that it be removed because of liability issues. The trail map will have to be changed.  Judd reported that the Crellin Canyon Nature Trail maps need to be restocked.

VII.     Next Glacier Viewpoint article: Jonathon Taylor submitted an excellent article titled, “Adapting to Wildland Fire.”  Because of its length, it was decided that Ellen would put a“teaser” in the next issue of the Viewpoint, possibly a bulletpoint list of pertinent points, with directions to find the whole article in the GVM website with copies available at the office. Ellen will email Judd the teaser and the full article. Judd will contact Tom Bizzell to be sure he is the contact for the GVM Fire Department.

VIII.    Association mowing and spraying: Steve is awaiting a call from Fortay Land Management for fall noxious weed spraying. There is potential for roadside mowing in next year’s budget.

Now is the time to spray cheat grass with Panoramic. The area around Batterson Lake would be a good place for the county to do a test plot of this herbicide.  Susan will call the Weed District office to price Panoramic and possibly buy some for individual use.

IX.       Work Day: Andre Roy is in need of more green slash, so in order to also thin our Ponderosa Pines, we will cut saplings for his use on Saturday, October 3. This will also be a fire mitigation demonstration. We will meet at Gate 8 at 9 A.M.

X.        Other: Ellen described her tour of the Crellin Meadow that afternoon with Renee Popp. Using weekly spot spraying with Milestone this season, Renee has made excellent progress controlling Canada thistle. Judd suggested that a “box” be placed in the next Glacier Viewpoint thanking Renee for her work.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Corwin, September Secretary

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