2023 Programs

Second Tuesdays, April through October

Glacier View Meadows Community Room at Gate 8

7:00 to 8:00+ pm

Come one, come all!

Mountain Living Lecture Series

April 11: Trails of Larimer County

Mike and Jeanne Corbin. Poudre Wilderness Volunteers.

From Fort Collins to the Laramie River, from the Wyoming Border to south of Estes Park, the Canyon Lakes Ranger District has treasures galore–just waiting for you to explore. Mike and Jeanne, from Poudre Wilderness Volunteers, will show you where they are.

May 9: After the Cameron Peak Fire: Pre-and Post-fire mitigation and the long-term restoration process.

Shayna Jones works developing, implementing, and evaluating natural resource programs. She finds funds for a variety of conservation projects across the American West, including endangered species, stream and wetland restoration, mitigation banking, forest health, and outdoor recreation initiatives. She’s with the Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed, improving the health and resilience of the area, coordinating stakeholders and managing projects related to fire mitigation and recovery on the Cameron Peak Fire.

Daniel Bowker, Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
Daniel worked with the US Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station on the mountain pine beetle outbreak in northern Colorado. As a forester, he works to thin and restore forests for wildfire resilience and forest health.

June 13: Weed and Cheatgrass Identification and Management.

Casey Cisneros. Larimer County Weed District

Casey brings brochures to help identify the weeds in our neighborhoods, and will take us on a walk outside to identify those pesky weeds. Feel free to bring samples of your own weeds for him to identify!

Ted Sammond, Weed Management Coordinator, GVM Ecology Team.

Ted will introduce the GVM Weed Warrior Program, enlisting the support and participation of friends and neighbors who live in our area in controlling noxious weeds found throughout GVM. These efforts are designed to control invasive plants while encouraging the establishment and vigor of native plants.

Saturday, June 17: Weed Management Field Day 10:00 am to Noon.

Ted Sammond, Weed Management Coordinator, GVM Ecology Team

Ted will meet us at the Pavilion at Gate 8, showing how to identify the prominent weed species found in Glacier View Meadows. He will explain control options for each stage of plant development from seedling to mature plant. In addition, he will cover which weeds can be controlled with mechanical methods and which weeds are best controlled using sprayers. 

He’ll also explain the Ecology Team program which offers the free use of backpack sprayers to Glacier View Meadows residents and makes herbicide available to control selected weeds within our community. 

July 11: Neighborhood Wildlife.

Shane Craig. Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Let’s talk about your wild neighbors!

Shane has planned a fun and informative Q&A evening, and opportunity for you to ask questions about the wildlife around us.

Bring your children. Their curious minds come up with the best questions!

August 8: Well Water Quality.

Doug Rice, PhD, Environmental Health Services, CSU

What are you drinking?

Doug directed the water quality laboratory and was the director of Environmental Health Services at Colorado State University for 30 years. He shares issues associated with well water in GVM and our surrounding communities. and he invites questions.

Do you have any concerns about water testing results on your land? Here are ideas on how to deal with water quality matters.

September 12: Red Feather Water–Past, Present, and Future.

David Fryendall

David’s talk focuses briefly on background topics relating to water, including a survey of many of the lakes in Red Feather and some of the upcoming challenges we face.

He’s been a part-time resident of Red Feather Lakes for 61 years, and has been involved in the RF Storage and Irrigation Company for almost all that time, “either by guilt of family association or serving on the Board of Directors.”

October 10: Animal Behavior .

Kyle Tate

Let me explain your wild neighbor’s behavior!!

Kyle is a biology educator and animal cognition researcher whose work on animal behavior and nervous systems led him to a Master of Science degree from Colorado State University.

He says, I believe that understanding why animals do the things they do greatly deepens one’s capacity to appreciate their beautiful complexity, the connectivity of all life on earth, and the responsibility we have to take care of the fragile, ancient ecosystems we inhabit.

He will provide interesting context to animal behaviors that many have likely witnessed.

Programs this year have been coordinated by Terry and Susie Campbell working with Beth and Jim Lyne, all members of the Ecology Team at Glacier View Meadows.