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Update on Collecting Rainwater in GVM

House Bill 16-1005, effective August 10, 2016, allows precipitation to be collected from the rooftop of certain residential properties.

GVM residences that are a single family house on an exempt household-use only well can use rain barrels as allowed under HB16-1005. There is a limit of two rain barrels with a combined storage capacity not to exceed 110 gal. The water must be collected from the roof of the building that is used primarily as the residence and may be used for outdoor uses, such as lawn and garden irrigation, on the property where the water was collected. The water cannot be used for drinking water or indoor household purposes.

Click here for the Rainwater Collection page from the CO Division of Water Resources

Click here for the Best Practices in Residential Rain Barrels from CO Dept of Public Health and Environment

Click here for a Rainbarrel Fact Sheet from CSU

Click here for a Rainwater Collection Information Table from the Colorado Department of Water Resources



GVM Ecology Team Business Meeting Tue May 10th 6:00 pm


GVM Ecology Team Business Meeting Information

Date:            5/10/2016

Time:            6:00 pm – 6:25pm

Location:     Mountain Meeting Place  (Gate 8)

Duration:    25 min


Agenda for Tue May 10th :


1)      Review Agenda

2)      SubTeam reports

  • Weeds/Native Plants  – Renee Popp
  • Trails – Linda Petrie (Frank Lily to address GVM trails)
  • Demo Garden  – (Workday planned 5/20)


3)      General

                Recap of Firewise Event

                Scheduling – review summer schedule  – coordinators – Ecology Picnic

                Annual Booth – improvements?

                Document Storage – Google Drive

                e-Mail management

Budget Update

1st Ecology Meeting Tonight May 8 2013

The meeting is tonight at 6:30 in the GVM Office lower level. Here is the agenda Judd sent out.

1)      Budget

a)      $1,200 for the balance of this year, to June.

b)      $2,500 beginning in July.

2)      Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

a)      Timberline has begun spraying, done my trees

b)      Spraying for the association will be the same as last year, except nothing on the Porter Trail since all trees are burned, 165 trees @ $11 = $1815.

c)      REA’s removal of hazardous trees in GVM – Linda Bell called Steve Murrow Manager of Operations, 282-6440, and asked him to consider not cutting in areas where residents are paying to have their trees sprayed against the beetle, at least when the beetles are actively searching out new homes. Do we need to do any follow up actions?

3)      Trails

a)      Routine maintenance

b)      New signs on trail network to reduce confusion: walk the trail with Steve and confirm changes.

c)      Constructing new trail from Mt. Sherman Court down to Sloan Trail: Frank will help us flag it.

4)      Noxious weeds

a)      Water treatment plant: removing weeds, then plant grass and flower seeding – to create a nice view visible from the road

b)      Mow meadows

c)      May contract with County instead of Fortay, or invest in Quad and do it our self.

5)      Consulting with neighbors on weeds and defensible space.

First 2013 Ecology Meeting Wed April 17

4/7/2013 From Judd: “Our first meeting of the year has been in April, so mark your calendar for April 17, 6:30. Please let me know if you will be active this year and your interests. Trails will include regular maintenance and construction of a new trail from Mt. Sherman down to Sloan Trail Water Treatment Plant: we will continue removing weeds followed by seeding.”

GVM Natural History Report Online

Manhead Mtn Photo
Manhead Mountain in Glacier View Meadows, CO (Photo by Jim Erdman)

In October 2012 Jim Erdman submitted a 26-page report  to the Mummy Range Institute which has featured it on their website.  It is a “must read” for those of us who love the ecology, geology and beauty of GVM. Thank you Jim for your lucid writing and beautiful photos! For more information on the important work being done by the Mummy Institute, visit their website

Rest of GVM Evacuated

I just received an email from Larimer County that ALL remaining residents of Glacier View Meadows must evacuate. This includes Gates 1-8, including roads north of hwy 74E. Due to increased winds causing several spot fires,  612 notifications were sent out at 3:15pm. Please be safe everyone.

GVM Community Meeting

Day 12. On June 20, 2012 7pm ~200+ residents of Glacier View Meadows and surrounding communities were updated by the Larimer County Sheriff, our Fire Chief, US Forest Service fire managers and the Red Cross. Using the latest fire map, strategic operations were discussed emphasizing the north and west flanks. It was hoped that the evacuations would be lifted in days not weeks. Today electricity was restored to filings 9-11.


GVM Gate 1 Closed

Day 11. This was the view from Gate 1. Smoke plumes were visible behind the Western Ridge Restaurant and National Guard personnel were on patrol. We were informed by the Guardsman that power had been shut off to the restaurant and throughout Filings 9-11 today (6/19/2012) because of another spot fire that jumped the Poudre River at Sheep Mountain, just south of GVM.