About Us

Join with us in caring for our shared beauty we call
Glacier View Meadows

The Ecology Team is a great way to get involved. We welcome all GVM residents to attend meetings and/or to work with us and your neighbors on any projects or subcommittees.

Meetings are held on the second Tuesdays of each month from April through October at 6:00pm. We’re in the Mountain Meeting Place at Gate 8. Volunteer work days are scheduled each year and posted in advance (events subject to weather). Projects include: reducing noxious weeds, restoring land, thinning forests, and maintaining nature and hiking trails.

The Demonstration Garden, established in 1997, is an interpretive educational project conveniently located across from the GVM office. Trees, shrubs and flowers adapted to our mountain environment are displayed, as are xeriscape gardening methods. Handouts are available in the information boxes at the entrance to the garden.

The Crellin Canyon Nature Trail has 27 trail markers described in a informational brochure available at 4 boxes along the trail.  This biologically diverse, 0.75 mile loop trail follows Crellin Creek 300 feet down into the canyon. Parking is available at Crellin Lake and the trail head is located across Green Mountain Drive southeast of the lake. A bridge across the creek at the start of the loop has recently been completed and is a great family photo op.

GVM Noxious Weed Management activities in 2017-18 included weed mapping followed by mechanical (whacking, pulling, and clipping and bagging seed heads) as well as herbicide treatment by GVM Ecology Team volunteers. The locations are: Crellin Lake, Crellin Canyon Nature Trail, Batterson Green Belt, private properties, roads and gates. The committee logs volunteer hours each season.

On-site inspections

For property inspection of trees, weeds and horse grazing, please click here to download the GVM Land Management Form, complete and submit to an Ecology Team member.

Interested in joining our team?

  • To pitch in with the trails, contact Linda Petrie at lspetrie@gmail.com.
  • For other areas (Weeds and Plants, Demo Garden, Wetlands, Speaker Series, events), contact Dan Barbour at dtm710b@gmail.com.