Red Fox
Photo by John Popp

Red foxes and coyotes are very common in GVM although they tend not to occur together as they are territorial. Both are predominantly nocturnal but they can also be seen during the day, especially when food is short in supply or they have kits to feed. You may be familiar with the howl of coyotes especially when they gather in packs but the cry of the fox vixen is more distinctive. Once you’ve heard it, you will not forget it.  For further information read Living With Wildlife in Red Fox Country and Your Guide to Avoiding Human-Coyote Conflicts.

Mountain lions and bobcats are among the large predators in GVM and they are predominantly nocturnal or crepuscular and rarely seen. They too seem to divide up the hunting grounds. They prey on many species most commonly deer.

Here’s a bobcat caught on camera in filing 2 by Manhead Mountain.


And a fox at night in the same location. Look carefully – he has dinner in his mouth. Maybe a bunny.