West Crellin Trail

Aspen on Crellin TrailThe trailhead for this trail is just South of the Crellin Canyon Nature Trail and directly across the road from the Crellin Lake Parking Area. It goes down the dam and immediately veers right and then parallels the Crellin Canyon Trail but stays at a higher elevation while the Crellin descends down following the stream. This trail proceeds about 300 yds until it crosses the Maroon Bells 2 Trail. It then climbs through a forested area and opens up for a great view of the rock cliff near the Wetterhorn Ct. cul-de-sac and a rambling valley (at this point you are about 500 ft. above Crellin Creek). The trail now turns west and it parallels the Maroon Bells #1 Trail but at a higher elevation. You pass a rock cliff offering a great view of the valley and you can see to the east for a view of Greyrock Mtn. The trail proceeds through rock formations and passes through two “gates”. The first goes between a very large Ponderosa Pine and an interesting lichen covered rock slab, the second “gate” is a channel through a crack in a huge rock formation. The trail descends west and then south where it ends at the Maroon Bells 1 Trail. At this junction you can go right, which goes up to the Maroon Bells 1trailhead or left, which goes east and down to the Crellin Canyon Trail which will allow you to loop back to your starting point.