Black bear in filing 10

Glacier View Meadows is seasonally home to bears. They drift around our mountain terrain at will. We understand that this is their home, and that we are visitors.

Black bears are omnivores. They tend to be crepuscular or nocturnal. They eat insects, berries, nuts and will resort to preying on deer on occasion. In preparation for hibernation, they need to increase their caloric intake significantly each fall.

When living in close proximity to humans, they commonly get a taste for human food if trash is accessible. Human mismanagement of trash is the leading cause of problems between bears and humans. In most cases, the bears are disposed of. Please manage your trash while living in GVM. Once again, remember that we are in their home.

Bear getting bird feeder on line stretched between house and tree.

They are amazingly adept at retrieving food from even the most clever human contraptions.

For more information, visit the Colorado State website Living With Bears and review Living With Bears Brochure.