Demonstration Garden

Demo Garden SignThe Demonstration Garden is located east of the GVM office at Gate 8.

Created and maintained by the Ecology Team since 1997, it shows native and non-native trees, shrubs, and perennials that thrive, or at least stand good chances of survival, in our mountain terrain.

The plantings are water wise and drought tolerant, requiring low maintenance.  Harmonious with the natural surroundings, they are hardy enough to withstand our land’s harsh climate and browsing wildlife.

Come take a stroll!

Anyone who lives in our area is invited to join the Team’s efforts.

Completely managed and maintained by resident volunteers, the Demonstration Garden is a continuous work in progress.

As in all gardens, plants need to be thinned or removed if they have outgrown their boundaries and invaded other plants, or if they have died and need to be replaced.

Seasonal maintenance is ongoing and these days we’re reconsidering a redesign of the garden’s south side.