Dalmation Toadflax

  • Dalmation Toadflax

    Dalmation Toadflax is an invasive type of snapdragon that was introduced by the horticulture industry.

    Growth Habit – This perennial has a hardy root system making it difficult to control.

    Flower – Flowers have the appearance of a yellow and orange snapdragon flower making it easy to identify.

    Leaves – Light green alternating, broad, heart-shaped leaves clasping the stem. Leaves are noticeably waxy.

    Reproduction – It reproduces both by a heavy production of seed and creeping roots.


    • It can be weakened and ultimately controlled by vigilant, repeated clipping of the stalks throughout the growing season. This will starve the roots of nutrients and prevent plants from flowering or setting seed.
    • It is best not to attempt to dig or pull this plant up as it will stimulate reproduction by roots.
    • Herbicide can be used in the fall after repeated clippings have been done.