GVM Wildlife

Glacier View Meadows is rich in wildlife habitats and the fauna that inhabit them. We have predators and prey, nocturnal and diurnal species, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, fish and yes, insects. Some are elegant to watch, such as the local deer and their fawns that frolic in the spring. Others elicit fear from people, like snakes, mountain lions, and bears.

These wild creatures have been here long before we lived here, and should be treated with great respect.

For everybody’s well-being, it’s against the law to feed wildlife, including something as innocuous as salt licks. For more information, read: Don’t Feed The Wildlife. It’s especially important to prevent the local bears from feeding themselves at your expense. Our saying is, A fed bear is a dead bear. Ask someone who’s lived here a while if you don’t know what that means. You can report infractions to the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department at (970) 472-4300.

Many of us who move to a mountain terrain love our dogs and our cats. Before they learn better, many of them love to go after the local deer and small critters. It’s also against the law for pets to harass wildlife. These links show the Larimer County regulations on pets. It includes information on dogs chasing wildlife and how to report such incidents – Wildlife Harassment and Larimer County Animal Planning.

Keep your cameras and notebooks ready! Sightings of wildlife are everyday events for those of us lucky enough to live here!