The many wildflowers of our area support a diverse set of nectar feeding birds such as hummingbirds and insects from checkerspots to monarch butterflies. Although the Rockies are not a breeding or wintering ground for monarchs, many monarchs can be seen passing through especially during migration periods. Pollinators worldwide, including but not limited to monarchs, are on decline due to a number of factors. Factors include habitat loss and pesticides. Some of the most valued plants for pollinators are milkweeds. In GVM, it is common to find showy milkweed along roadsides and in low areas or ditches. If you have them on your property, you will be blessed with all the pollinator activity on them.

Showy Milkweed

Another nectar feeder that is often encountered here is the miller moth. What they lack in beauty, they will make up in abundance in outbreak years. Although there are some home style tips for controlling them in your house, they really have little effect. The good thing is that they are cyclic and only appear in large masses (similar to Mormon crickets) in years when environmental conditions are just right. You can learn more here:  Miller Moth.