The GVM Ecology team hosts subject matter experts from various organizations with topics that equip owners to maintain our mountain properties and fit in with our beautiful mountain environment.

The presentations are on the second Tuesday of each summer month.  They start at 6:30 pm at the Mountain Meeting Place after the Ecology Committee meeting. All are welcome. Invite a friend. Refreshments provided.

2019 season

April 9: Fire Chief Vanessa Fournier, Larry Maybon, and Jim Petrie
“Preparing for Heavy Spring Snowstorms”

May 14: David Bowker: Coalition for Poudre River Watershed  (CPRW)
“Forest Restoration”

June 11: Laurie Huckaby, US Forest Service
“Wanted Dead or Alive! Have You Seen These Trees?”

July 9: Casey Cisneros: Larimer County Land Stewardship
“Mitigating Cheatgrass and Invasive Weeds”

Aug 13: Milt Geiger: Poudre Valley Rural Electric Association (PVREA)
“Wind and Solar Power”

Sep 10: Ron Harden: Fort Collins Audubon Society
“Bringing Back the Birds”

Oct 8: Larimer County
“Recycling and the Residential Convenience Centers”

2018 season

Apr 10: Darlene Kirkpatrick – N40 Alliance
“Resiliency and Preparedness”

May 8: Douglas Rice – CSU Environmental Quality
“Is Your Well Water Safe”
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June 12: Linda Petrie – GVM ecology
“Enjoying the Trails of GVM”
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July 10: Greg Florant – CSU
“Those Mysterious Marmots”

Aug 14: Shane Craig – Colo Parks and Wildlife
“The Big Cats on the Mountain”

Sep 11: Weston Toll – Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
“Forest Health Treatments Including Prescribed Fire”
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Oct 9: Julie Schutze – Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
“Relocating and Rehabilitating Wildlife”
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2017 season

April 11: Jim Tolstop – High Plains Environmental Center
“Native Plants. Restoring Nature Where We Live”

May 9: Renee Galeano-Popp – GVM Ecology
“Application of Herbicide”

June 13: Brock McArdle – Colo Parks and Wildlife
“Mountain Lions”  rescheduled to July 11

July 11: Brock McArdle – Colo Parks and Wildlife
“Wildlife K-9, and Mountain Lions”

August 8: Renee Galeano-Popp – GVM Ecology
“Shambhala Mountain Center”

Sep 12:  George Schisler – Colo Parks and Wildlife
“Aquatic Research”

Oct 10:  Cancelled

2016 season

Apr 12: Jeanne and Mike Corbin: Poudre Wilderness Volunteers
“Discover the Hiking Trails near GVM”

May 24:  Jennifer Kovecses: Coalition for the Poudre River Watershed
“Restoration of Habitat after a Wildfire”

July 26: Dave Lentz: Larimer County Forestry
“Current Forest Issues”

Aug 9: Renee Galeano-Popp , John Popp,  and Dr. Hildy Reiser
“Animal Inns — There’s Life in Dead Trees!”

Sep 13: Diane K Nelson and Tony Mahon: GVM Fire Protection District
“FIREWISE and Landscaping”

Oct 11: Ron Harden: Fort Collins Audubon Society
“The Mountains Have Wings: mountain bird neighbors to enjoy watching and understanding”

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