Common Mullein

  • Common Mullein

    Mullein is an extremely common weed in GVM and the surrounding area. It is so abundant and seeds remain in the soil for so long that the state and county consider it the lowest priority. It should be treated only after more serious weeds are under control.

    Growth Habit – Common mullein is a biennial plant commonly found in disturbed areas of range and pasture. Common mullein seldom appears to have invasive characteristics except on heavily disturbed sites such as intensively grazed pastures, prairie dog colonies, or sites severely impacted by wildfire.

    Flower – Yellow flowers grow from a tall, solitary stalk that appears in mid-summer

    Leaves – Rosette of velvet-like leaves

    Reproduction – Common mullein seed germinates in the late summer or fall producing a rosette


    • The most effective herbicides for controlling common mullein are Escort, Milestone, and Telar when used with a good surfactant.
    • There are no insect biocontrol agents available for control of common mullein.
    • Hand pulling or digging this biennial is an effective method of control if the top 2-3 inches of tap root is removed.