Small Mammals

Wyoming Ground Squirrel
Photo by John Popp

Yellow bellied marmots (also called rock chucks and whistle pigs) occur in rock outcrops and sometimes road culverts. They are best viewed at a distance and can be pestiferous. They can harm your pets so be forewarned. Their alarm calls are distinctive. This fact sheet discusses their use of the calls:  Marmot Calls.

Among the myriad of small mammals here you will see rabbits, chipmunks, ground squirrels, tree squirrels, golden-mantled squirrels, skunks and raccoons.

We do have bats here. They tend to be crepuscular meaning that they come out at dusk or early morning. Along with insectivorous birds, they significantly help to keep insect populations down. Look for them around ponds and around your houselights.

GVM and surrounding areas are in the range of a small subspecies of jumping mouse that is found nowhere else in the world. Preble’s meadow jumping mouse inhabits densely vegetated riparian areas along streams and was listed as Federally Threatened in 1998. These small mice hibernate from mid-September to mid-May. Critical habitat as designated under the Endangered Species Act includes Lone Pine Creek just north of CR74E which feeds Batterson Lake. Protections for the mouse rarely affect landowners due to exemptions for weed control, agriculture and ditch work. Other types of impacts such as construction in streams in the area would best be cleared by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to be sure of how the law may or may not apply.  More information can be found at this link: Preble’s Jumping Mouse