Crellin Nature Trail Loop

The trailhead for this trail is in filing 7, Green Mountain Dr., east of Crellin Lake, near the Crellin Lake Parking Area. The trail starts above the outlet of the Crellin Lake Dam and follows Crellin Creek. It proceeds gradually down through a beautiful, peaceful, shaded canyon lined by steep rock outcroppings, a variety of large trees, wildflowers and bushes. The stream, vegetation and topography provide an excellent habitat for birds and other wildlife. The trail splits about 2/3 of the way down, which provides a circle option. There is a gate at the bottom which accesses private land. Please ensure that you have owner permission if you plan to proceed beyond the gate. Near the bottom of the loop on the east side (about 40 yards up from the stream crossing) is the connection to the Sloan Trail. There are other connections to the Maroon Bells 1, Maroon Bells 2 and Asbury trails.