Maroon Bells Trail

The trailhead for this trail is in filing 7, at the switchback on Maroon Bells Circle. The trail descends southwest with beautiful panoramic valley views to a point where it offers a spectacular view of the peaks in Rocky Mountain National Park. It then switches easterly with great valley views and enters more forested areas and at one point passes a connection to the West Crellin Trail. Finally it descends steeply through pine/ fir forest, with the sound of Crellin Creek becoming more and more prominent until it meets the Crellin Canyon Trail (about 2/3 from its bottom). At this point you have options. Left will take you up the Crellin Trail where you can later take a left at the Maroon Bells 2 Trail, which will return you to Maroon Bells Circle for a loop trip. Right will take you down the Crellin Trail where it will loop and encounter a trailhead for the Sloan Trail. The Sloan Trail goes to the right (East). If you continue on the Crellin Trail it will take you on a loop which will return to the main Crellin Canyon Trail, heading uphill (Northwest).