Sowing Seeds at Crellin: Our October Workday

This morning was our biggest work day yet thanks to 7 people (Chana, Ellen, Harry, Jeff, Judy, Peggy, Wynne) + 7 dog helpers (Butters, Buttons, Cooper, Floyd, Maggie, Sufi, Tate). While Jeff and Wynne headed down the Nature Trail to trim branches, the rest of us got some helpful strategies from Steve, who was working in the area and stopped by. Focusing on the north and east sides of the lake shore, we removed Canada thistle, created trenches, and then raked in Foothills Grass Seed Mix. We logged 17 person-hours. I hope the pictures below show our progress (tip: click to enlarge image, then hit browser back button to go back to this post….you don’t have to leave a comment….unless you want to of course).

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