May Work Weekend

Our Ecology Work Day has morphed into a Work Weekend!
Saturday 5/16 9:00am @ Riddle Lake,
(located 1/2 mile in from Gate 1). We will work on musk thistle and view mountain sagebrush (see Linda B’s email below). So far it looks like Harry, Judy, Linda B., Jim, and Ellen plan to be there.
Sunday 5/17 9:00am @ Crellin Lake We will work on Hiking Trails maintenance. So far it looks like Casey, Jeff, Odell, and Peggy plan to be there.

5/13 Email from Linda Bell to Ecology Committee
Hi all, “In case I forget to mention it tonight, I had a short hike around Riddle Lake yesterday evening and there is a lot of musk thistle coming up along the south shore. It wouldn’t take us very long to deal with if we put it on a work day agenda. And we could also enjoy seeing the huge clump of errant mountain sagebrush well established on the upper south slope of the lake — I had no idea! It makes my little colony over near the Batterson grave less unusual, although still a mystery at these lower elevations!”

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