Three 2009 Sulfur Cinquefoil Sightings in GVM

1) 8/4/09 Renee Popp identified Sulfur Cinquefoil (Potentilla recta) on Filing 1 Lot 79 and marked it with orange flags for others to observe.

2) 8/7/09 Renee Popp emailed Steve H. (GVM Manager), Judd (Ecology Committee Chair) and Tim D’Amato (Larimer County Land Steward Manager) that she has found a List B noxious weed: “I found another sulfur cinquefoil site again possibly with only one plant. This location is in the USFS/GVM greenbelt complex around Haystack Ct. This would be roughly 1/2 mile west of the first site I found it with Manhead Mtn in between. I pulled it because I wasn’t sure I could use chemicals on the USFS part. Do we have any type of agreement with the USFS for the management of that small parcel? Looks like abuot 20 acres just guessing. I pulled all the musk thistle heads in there and would like to return to spray the remaining musk plants. Am I allowed? Thanks, Renee”

3) 9/1/09 Jim Erdman spotted Sulfur Cinquefoil near Horn Peak Ct after his nature walk. He was with Andre, Karen, Mary, and Wynne.

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