Spray Cheatgrass in September

9/18/09 Email from Susan: “I talked with Chad (colleague of Tim Diamato’s) this morning about Plateau and Panoramic.” Please click “more…” below to read the information Susan received on these herbicides.

Information from Chad at Larimer Co. Weed District and Gordon at Poudre Valley Coop

  Main Chemical Sold by Price Coverage
Plateau Imazapic Gallon (128 oz) $264.00 1 qrt/8 acres (4 oz/acre)
Panoramic Imazapic Quart   (32 oz)   105.00 1 qrt/8 acres (4 oz/acre)


  • Both Plateau and Panoramic can be sprayed by homeowner—no need for licensed applicator (no longer restricted use). Larimer Co. Weed District sells both products to individual property owners.
  • Panoramic is only sold by the quart—that’s its niche in the market.
  • Poudre Valley Coop only sells Panoramic—$90/quart. Doesn’t sell Plateau due to misapplication.
  • The most economical way to buy this stuff is to purchase a gallon and split the product and cost four ways if each property owner only needs one quart. The price per quart would be $66. Of course, several people could divide a quart, thus further reducing the price. The quart could be further divided into pints but the quart is easier to mix.
  • The product is liquid so can be poured readily into individual sprayers. Just add water.
  • September is the month to spray; October is too late.
  • Product is only effective on new growth, which should be visible around the dead cheat grass although there may be some residual effect if sprayed to the dead cheat grass.
  • If there’s widespread use (several acres or more), cool season grasses (e.g., wheatgrass, perennial ryegrass) will be affected. On the other hand, cheat grass is so invasive that it crowds out the native grasses anyway. Warm season grasses (e.g., buffalograss, blue grama) won’t be affected because they’ve already died back.
  • For limited use (1 acre or less), cool season grasses are not likely to be affected.

Both products are available through the Larimer Co. Weed District or Poudre Valley Coop

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