Cow Moose Spotted at Gate 1

5/4/2010 Jim E. reported “~9p as I approached home last night along the Red Feather Lakes road just before Gate 1, I spotted a cow moose crossing in front of me! Definitely NOT an elk, as they tend not to be in this area; at least not the gangly critter I saw.”

Jim has documented additional moose sightings in GVM:

“And late summer of ’08 I saw a confused bull moose on Haystack Rd. below my house.  At 7a on September 10, I wrote in my journal: “A warm night—I could not believe my eyes as I looked out the front picture window—a large black moose—huge white antlers!  On the main road below.  He then trotted up the path to my neighbors.  Next he was out to the east in a meadow—fast mover.  What a joy!”
Jim continued, “Then last fall [2009], September 26th to be exact, I spotted large tracks on my driveway—either moose or, unlikely, elk.  I flagged down a neighbor, John, in his truck.  A retired forester, on seeing the tracks, he said they were either from a young cow or bull moose.”

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