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Pine Cone Exhibit at CSU

Renee at Project Pine Cone Exhibit

7/24/2011 Last Tuesday I was treated to a tour of Renee Popp’s new pine cone exhibit. It is currently located on the CSU Campus, Yates Hall Lab Room 209  (directions). It took me a little time to find, but there were signs posted on the main door and in the building, so I knew I was on the right track. When I arrived there was a sign saying Renee was working in the CSU Herbarium with a number to call.  She appeared in  just a couple of minutes and welcomed me to her extensive exhibit. She has collected cones and needles from over half of the world’s pine species, displayed in interesting categories and with distribution maps.  There are several examples from GVM, including an interesting witches’ broom in the diseases section. This is an amazing work in progress and to get more specimens, Renee will continue visiting arboreta and universities. She has also set up a Facebook Page so that other pine-lovers can donate cones and share information. If you want a nice escape from the heat, stop by Project Pine Cone on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10 am and 2 pm. During the summer you can park free at any of the Z parking lots at CSU.

Sept Flowers, Tree History featured on Nature Walk

9/7/2009 Jim E. led a nature walk in the Forest Service inholding at Haystack Dr with Andre, Ellen, Judy, Karen D., Mary, Warren & Wynne on a partly sunny September afternoon. We started with an overview by Jim’s truck with a poster that included a table entitled “The World’s Oldest Known Trees,” and displays of annual sunflower, valerian root, and fetid marigold. Jim passed around the valerian root (the plant is called edible valerian or tobacco root) for us to smell and he read about its medicinal uses

Trees:  Jim showed the trees that he identified for Laurie Huckaby and John Popp, of the U.S. Forest Service,  as potentially very old trees from the 1500s. He pointed out these old trees may have survived due to protection by surrounding rocks.

10/16/09 Jim emailed additional information: “During the May 20th outing with Laurie Huckaby, the local USFS’s key researcher on the fire history of this northern region, she said the few old meadow trees belonged to that ~1500 A.D. cohort, a period of ample moisture. Indeed, she’d cored a large ponderosa in that cluster, untouched by beetles. The pith date: 1575, with her estimated real age of 1535. Yet she’s found 700-800 year-old ponderosas up in the Red Mountain area to the north. Roughly 200-year intervals occur between cohorts, established during off-year drought cycles. The oldest known ponderosa — 880-890 — was found in Utah. That, based on a table, ‘The World’s Oldest Known Trees’ in a USGS/USFS poster (no date), Colorado’s Ancient Trees.”

Mountain Pine beetle: We saw several pine beetle-infested trees that had been cut down within a cluster of infested trees. The wood was then stacked and wrapped in plastic by the U.S. Forest service.

Flowers: yarrow, blanket flower, gumweed, black-eyed susan, smooth white aster or Porter aster, valerian, yellow owl-clover, yellow sweet-clover, bottle gentian, tansy aster, golden aster,

Grasses: squirreltail, shortawn foxtail, June-grass, timothy.

POSTPONED:Mountain Pine Beetle Field Trip: Sunday May 31

Beetle-infested Ponderosa
Beetle-infested Ponderosa
Directions to Beetle Tour
Directions to Beetle Tour

5/31/09 2:00pm update: Our outing is postponed due to rain and lightning.  

5/29/09 update: James emailed that the meeting place this Sunday at 3:00pm will be at the forest service land near the end of Haystack Drive, where it turns into Manhead Mountain Dr., ~2 miles in from Gate 10

5/26/09 Forester James White emailed: “I am available on Sunday May 31st at 3:00 PM for a field trip to sharpen our skills in beetle detection. I am asking for recommended areas that have known beetle trees where we can look at mortal and partial hits and possibly look at next years likely candidates. Please e-mail me if you have some recommendations. Thanks, James”

GVM Pine Beetle Spraying $ Info

4/28/09 Email from Susan Lamb to Ecology Committee: “Yesterday I talked with Jeff Smith, owner of Tiger Tree Land Management, to confirm the price of spraying for mountain pine beetle. The price remains the same as last year: $13.19 per tree. There was a conflict in price ($13 vs $11) mentioned at our Ecology meeting last month, so here ’tis straight from the horse’s mouth. This is also the price that Jeff and Steve H. have agreed to for GVM if 500+ trees are sprayed. Just thought we should all be on the same page.

Tiger Tree will start spraying in GVM in a couple of weeks. More information is available at their website:”