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May Work Weekend

Our Ecology Work Day has morphed into a Work Weekend!
Saturday 5/16 9:00am @ Riddle Lake,
(located 1/2 mile in from Gate 1). We will work on musk thistle and view mountain sagebrush (see Linda B’s email below). So far it looks like Harry, Judy, Linda B., Jim, and Ellen plan to be there.
Sunday 5/17 9:00am @ Crellin Lake We will work on Hiking Trails maintenance. So far it looks like Casey, Jeff, Odell, and Peggy plan to be there.

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Judd’s April Workday Report

Monday, April 27, 2009 8:32 AM: “My thanks to Linda Petrie and Chana Fuller for coming out and helping seed Crellin Lake. We worked from 8:30 – 10:30 seeding the west side: first was the area near the picnic table that had not yet been seeded. Second we pulled, via racks, dead Canada thistle and made mini trenches between the existing tufts of grass, all the way to the second picnic table and a bit beyond. It was quite wet and at one point it seemed I had stepped into quick sand and would leave my boot behind. Fortunately they are quite tight to my feet and stayed with me. It was a beautiful day although a bit windy at times.

Chana’s dogs had a great time, and Oreo was a bit perplexed by all their activity. He wanted to participate, a bit, but it was all so new for him. The end of the this month will be the one year anniversary for Rusty’s passing. He would have loved playing with Chana’s dogs.”

–Judd Adams

Sunday Work Day at Crellin

April 8 2009
April 8 2009

UPDATE: The rescheduled work day will be: 4/26/09. We will meet at Crellin Lake east parking lot at 9:00am to continue our land restoration project. Please bring Land Steward vests, work gloves, hat, water, sunscreen, hoe, rake, shovel, clippers, dog food bags or plastic bags. Judd, please bring your garden cart! Dogs welcome!!

Sowing Seeds at Crellin: Our October Workday

This morning was our biggest work day yet thanks to 7 people (Chana, Ellen, Harry, Jeff, Judy, Peggy, Wynne) + 7 dog helpers (Butters, Buttons, Cooper, Floyd, Maggie, Sufi, Tate). While Jeff and Wynne headed down the Nature Trail to trim branches, the rest of us got some helpful strategies from Steve, who was working in the area and stopped by. Focusing on the north and east sides of the lake shore, we removed Canada thistle, created trenches, and then raked in Foothills Grass Seed Mix. We logged 17 person-hours. I hope the pictures below show our progress (tip: click to enlarge image, then hit browser back button to go back to this post….you don’t have to leave a comment….unless you want to of course).