Welcome to our EcoBlog

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for letting me spend some more time on this blog! I sure appreciated your helpful and insightful thoughts during last month’s meeting and hope we can build a simple, interactive e-bulletin board, a centralized location for our calendar, documents, emails, pictures, videos, and useful links. It might also be fun to post updates during the “off-season.”  I hope you’ll have a chance to leave a comment  before next Wednesday, even just a thumbs up or thumbs down!


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3 Responses to Welcome to our EcoBlog

  1. Judy and Harry says:

    Ellen, two big thumbs up!!! This is fantastic! No wonder we don’t see you in the neighborhood anymore. Will you be adding all the pictures and data you took at the trail? :-) We need some garden pictures too.

  2. Wynne Dimock says:

    Yeah…….this is SOPHISTICATED!!! Will be fun “navigating” it and checking in on and off. I LIKE it!!!

    What is a “url”?

  3. Ellen says:

    Wynne, A URL (uniform resource locator) is usually just the web address but see the full definition at webopedia. Here’s the URL: http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/U/URL.html

    Thanks for your nice comments on our blog!

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