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1st Ecology Meeting Tonight May 8 2013

The meeting is tonight at 6:30 in the GVM Office lower level. Here is the agenda Judd sent out.

1)      Budget

a)      $1,200 for the balance of this year, to June.

b)      $2,500 beginning in July.

2)      Mountain Pine Beetle Spraying

a)      Timberline has begun spraying, done my trees

b)      Spraying for the association will be the same as last year, except nothing on the Porter Trail since all trees are burned, 165 trees @ $11 = $1815.

c)      REA’s removal of hazardous trees in GVM – Linda Bell called Steve Murrow Manager of Operations, 282-6440, and asked him to consider not cutting in areas where residents are paying to have their trees sprayed against the beetle, at least when the beetles are actively searching out new homes. Do we need to do any follow up actions?

3)      Trails

a)      Routine maintenance

b)      New signs on trail network to reduce confusion: walk the trail with Steve and confirm changes.

c)      Constructing new trail from Mt. Sherman Court down to Sloan Trail: Frank will help us flag it.

4)      Noxious weeds

a)      Water treatment plant: removing weeds, then plant grass and flower seeding – to create a nice view visible from the road

b)      Mow meadows

c)      May contract with County instead of Fortay, or invest in Quad and do it our self.

5)      Consulting with neighbors on weeds and defensible space.

April 14 2010 Ecology Meeting Agenda

GVM Ecology Committee Agenda April 14, 2010

1) Secretary: permanent or rotating

2) Whose going to do what – pass around sign up sheet

a) Demonstration garden

b) Filing Captains: identify weeds and priorities for work teams and spraying by Judd, Steve, Jeff

c) Individual Land Steward Projects: Judd – Batterson Lake weeds and trail

d) Help on Community Work Days

3) Community work day (most generally weeds, but could be other things such as tree thinking

a) When: Saturday or Sunday and which weekend?

b) Spread around the filings?

4) Pull4Colorado – Linda Bell

5) New initiatives – Judd – see attachments

a) Pasture management

b) Slash pile management

6) Other

End of Season Party

Batterson Barn and Homestead Tour by Judd
Batterson Barn and Homestead Tour by Judd

10/24/09 2-5 pm. Judd and Linda Adams hosted a fun end-of-season party for the Ecology Committee.  The potlock was funded in part with money given by Andre Roy for green slash generated during two October tree-thinning work days at Gate 8.  In addition to delicious food and excellent conversation, Judd offered a tour of the historic Batterson Barn, nearby Batterson homestead site, and the wetlands on his property. Attendees included: Diane, Ellen, Harry, Jonathan, Judy, Lee, Odell, Pat (2008 Land Steward of the Year), Steve Horsmon (GVM Manager), Susan, and Suzanne. Judd hopes to have a spring party to kick of the 2010 season.

Haystack Site Visit, Dinner & Presentation on July 8

Tim D’Amato, Larimer County Land Steward,  will be at the Haystack Weed Demonstration site this Wednesday, July 8, at 4:00pm. We will have dinner at the Western Ridge Restaurant at 5:15pm before our July Ecology meeting at 6:30pm. Directions to Haystack Weed Demonstration Site: From Gate 10, drive south on Iron Mtn Dr, go right on Haystack Dr, continue on to near junction with Manhead Mtn Dr

June Meeting Tonight

This is a reminder about our Ecology meeting tonight (6/10 at 6:30pm GVM Office, Lower Level). The two main agenda items are:

  • Guest Speaker: Andre Roy “Slash to Fertilizer”
  • Annual Meeting Planning: Judd would like us to finalized the planning. Ecology Fair: 6/20/09 Time: 7:30-8:00am set-up displays, 8:00-11:00am. More info? Click on blog page above “ANNUAL MEETING.”

April meeting highlights

We had a very productive meeting last Wednesday (4/8/09) with 13 members attending! Please see a list of highlights below.

April Ecology Meeting Highlights

  • GVM Trails Committee was made part of the Ecology Committee.
  • Ecology 2009 Work Days have been changed to 3rd Sundays, weather permitting
  • Susan will chair our next meeting, May 13.
  • GVM Annual Meeting will be Saturday, June 20, 2009.
  • Judd made a 2009 Ecology Project List to circulate for sign-up.