Intro to using our blog

I wanted to anticipate a few questions about using this blog. So, please click “Continue Reading” to find out: how posts are sorted, how to use categories, how to leave a comment, how to search the blog.
1. How are the posts sorted? The most recent ones are at the top.

2. What are categories? For each post, I assign one or more categories to the post. You can click on the category of interest on the right side of each webpage to see all the posts in a specific category.

3. How do I leave a comment? Click the “Leave a Comment” icon under any post you want, then enter your name (so we’ll know who made the comment) and email address (which is hidden from others, but is a minor security feature so I know you are legitimate). You DON’T need to enter a URL. Then, I read over each new comment and append it to the post.

4. How can I search for information? Just type in a key word(s) into the search box, then press either “Go” or “Search”.

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