Fire History Excursion

Behemoth PonderosaOn Wednesday, May 20, at 9:30am Jim Erdman will host a visit by Laurie Huckaby of the US Forest Service. Laura has been dating several of Jim’s cores from large ponderosa pines in GVM. Jim provided these details: “We’ll meet at the forest service meadow up on the end of Haystack Drive, ~2 miles up Iron Mountain Drive from Gate 10. Iron Mountain Drive turns into Haystack Drive ~1.5 miles in, just above an S-curve. With Laurie’s longer increment borer, I’d hoped she could get to the pith of that behemoth so its age can be established. Then we’ll look at a few sites on my land where I cored ponderosas; one, a curious fire history. Finally, a few more sites to sort out the fire story. Should anyone be interested, wear sturdy boots/shoes and take water, or such.”

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