Trails Update from Jeff

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 2:31 PM Jeff G. emailed: “Peggy and I hiked the Crellin Nature Trail that day (5/17/09) and I took my chainsaw and we both had trimmers. I cut out 3 very large overhanging and downed trees and we cut a number of small twigs, branches and shoots away from the path. I believe the big stuff is done for the year on that trail and we will keep an eye on the smalll stuff.

Yesterday (5/25/09), I again grabbed the chainsaw and walked most of the West Crellin Trail and I cut a larger number of big trees that were downed and crossing the path. I had been meaning to do this since last year as so much was obstructing that trail for some time. I got the path cleared with the exception of one nasty spot where I could probably spend the day clearing. It started raining so Buster and I decided to get home and dry off.

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