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Crellin Lake & Trail Workday Success

Group Work Day August 23, 2010. 8:00 – 11:30

Crellin Nature Trail, Crellin Lake , Community Leach Field

Prepared by Judd Adams

Volunteers: Odell Dehart, Linda Petrie, Mary O’Brien, Linda Bell, Susan and Lee Lamb, Judy and Harry Corwin, Wynne Dimock, Judd Adams and Oreo.

Crellin Nature Trail: Odell with weed whacker, nippers were Linda P, Mary, and Linda B. widened and trimmed the trail to the bottom and along the Sloan Trail to where we (Mary, Linda P. and Judd) stopped work on 8/19.  Linda B. also cut weeds.

Crellin Lake: Susan and Lee trimmed dead branches on trees along the right or east side of the lake.  The pile of cut branches was quite large and was left for staff to take to the slash pile.  Judd and Oreo trimmed grass around the lake, across the dam road on both sides and along the trail entrance to West Crellin Trail.  Pleased to report very few thistle and almost no mullein.  The vacant property on the west side of lake which was so heavily infested with diffuse knapweed was also very clean.

Community Leach Field; Wynne and Corwins worked on removing the weeds on the face which were (I think) mustard.  They did not finish and Wynne said she would come back later to complete the job.

To Do:

1)      Judd will return in a few days to spray the Canada thistle and mullein.

2)      West Crellin Trail needs attention to where the water crosses the trail – it is some what dangerous and I think I will ask Steve for a board to place across the water crossing.

3)      There is reportedly some confusion about the signs on this trail which we need to correct.

4)      I think it would be nice to paint the letters yellow on the signs for improved visibility.

Excellent day.  Good to see such a turn out.

8/28/2010 Note added by Susan:  “We also trimmed live growth on the pines to thin the trees, reduce ladder fuel, and fire danger. When it’s a bit cooler this fall Lee and I will trim trees on the other side of the lake. I also noticed the sign at the trailhead and thought that some yellow paint would improve its visibility. I’d be glad to paint the letters the day we trim the trees, if you can provide the paint.”

8/30/2010 Note from Ellen: “I hiked the trail yesterday and observed first hand what a great job was done. Thanks Ecology Committee!!

Jeff’s January Photos from Crellin Trail Hike

I got this email from Jeff G on 1/2/2010, what great way to start our new year! Jeff wrote: “A winter hike down the Crellin Trail can be as interesting and beautiful as taking the stroll in summer or spring. I tend to notice very different things as the colors are more subdued, the leaves from the aspen trees are long gone, and some of the finer aspects of nature come in to focus. I don’t know what many of the things I see even are but enjoy looking just the same. These photos were taken today, January 2nd, 2010. Maybe you will see new sights as well when viewing these pics.”

Crellin Trails Maintenance & Plant Photos

June 28, 2009: Our June work day was a multipurpose one: Peggy weeded and identified problem spots on the Nature Trail, Jeff and Judd brought weed-eaters to clear the West Crellin trail, Judd diverted water from a slippery spot on the #4 marker on the Nature Trail, Jim and Ellen started a photo catalog of plants on the Nature Trail and removed a few Canada and musk thistles too. Person-hours worked: 7.5 Weeding and Trails Maintenance, 5 Plant Photo Catalog.

Trails Update from Jeff

On Tuesday, May 26, 2009 2:31 PM Jeff G. emailed: “Peggy and I hiked the Crellin Nature Trail that day (5/17/09) and I took my chainsaw and we both had trimmers. I cut out 3 very large overhanging and downed trees and we cut a number of small twigs, branches and shoots away from the path. I believe the big stuff is done for the year on that trail and we will keep an eye on the smalll stuff.

Yesterday (5/25/09), I again grabbed the chainsaw and walked most of the West Crellin Trail and I cut a larger number of big trees that were downed and crossing the path. I had been meaning to do this since last year as so much was obstructing that trail for some time. I got the path cleared with the exception of one nasty spot where I could probably spend the day clearing. It started raining so Buster and I decided to get home and dry off.

Corwins guide tour of Crellin Canyon Nature Trail

9/20/08 9-11:30am: For our September Ecology work day, Harry and Judy Corwin led Jeff, Peggy and me down the trail, pointing out the 27 trail markers and 4 information brochure boxes. During the outing, information boxes were replenished, a rotten trail post was replaced, overhanging branches were clipped, poisin ivy was removed and flagged (at the request of Linda Bell), and a few mullein heads were clipped and bagged.

I took pictures and gps readings along the way and estimate that the trail is 0.75 miles roundtrip with a 300 foot drop into the canyon. Thank you Corwins for all the work you have put into the trail during the last 10+ years. 

Judy adds brochures to info box
Judy adds brochures to info box
Harry describes local ecology to Peggy, Jeff and Maggie (far right).
Harry describes local ecology to Peggy, Jeff and Maggie (far right).