Update from Paul at Utah Field Site

At our last Ecology meeting Paul Block said that he would be on assignment for most of June with CSU’s CEMML Program (Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands). He sent this update yesterday, 6/6/09. “Here are a few pics from SW Utah at the Desert Experimental Range. The digs are good on site, but the environment can be extreme. The bandannas protect from sun, wind, dust and the dry air.

Looks goofy, but if you wet it down over your mouth and nose it provides some humidity to the air and keeps the sinus a little happier. Not too hot, but the winds kick up around noon and blows constantly at 20 to 40 MPH all afternoon. Mornings are great though!! Paul”  

Before Paul departed, he emailed, 5/31/09: “I was kind of hoping for a dry spring at the UT-DER. I worked in the Mojave several seasons in the early 90’s and one year we hit a wet spring and the diversity of annuals was incredible. Being a relative rookie botanist, I resorted to using clear 2” packing tape to stick the little buggers to 3X5 cards, punched a hole in them and carried them on a wire shower curtain ring on my belt. Each one was labled UF #  (unknown forb).  I ended up with something like 54 of those cards on several rings! lol  Those were the days!  On this trip I have a dedicated taxonomist recording for me while I read the plots.   From what I hear it has been a rather wet spring on the DER and I expect some long days and evenings keying plants with Nancy. I think I still have that collection of “flash cards”  with the genus/species finally pencilled in.  Might be time to dig them out!!   Enjoy June in the Rockies! Paul”

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