GVM Ecology Fair 2009

6/20/09 The Glacier View Meadows Ecology Fair was held concurrently with the association’s Annual Meeting. Thanks to all for the informative displays!! 1) Linda B.: Colorado Wildflowers 2) Susan: Mountain Gardening 3) Judd: Noxious Weeds with Q&A by Tim D’Amato Land Steward Manager for Larimer County and Dr. Phil Westra, CSU Professor of Weed Science 4) Wynne: Green Living 5) Jeff: Crellin Lake Restoration Project 6) Jim: GVM Flowering Shrubs, Lichens, GVM Provisional Plant List 7) Ellen: Land Stewardship 8 ) Jeff: Hiking Trails 9) Jim & Jane T.: Crystal Lakes “Bear Aware program 10) Cory and Linda M.: “Living with Bears” book autographing 11) US Forest Service: Mountain Pine Beetle poster and handouts 12) Shane Craig: Colorado Division of Wildlife, Q&A Mountain Lion and Bear Management

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