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GVM Ecology Fair 2009

6/20/09 The Glacier View Meadows Ecology Fair was held concurrently with the association’s Annual Meeting. Thanks to all for the informative displays!! 1) Linda B.: Colorado Wildflowers 2) Susan: Mountain Gardening 3) Judd: Noxious Weeds with Q&A by Tim D’Amato Land Steward Manager for Larimer County and Dr. Phil Westra, CSU Professor of Weed Science 4) Wynne: Green Living 5) Jeff: Crellin Lake Restoration Project 6) Jim: GVM Flowering Shrubs, Lichens, GVM Provisional Plant List 7) Ellen: Land Stewardship 8 ) Jeff: Hiking Trails 9) Jim & Jane T.: Crystal Lakes “Bear Aware program 10) Cory and Linda M.: “Living with Bears” book autographing 11) US Forest Service: Mountain Pine Beetle poster and handouts 12) Shane Craig: Colorado Division of Wildlife, Q&A Mountain Lion and Bear Management

2009 Ecology Fair

On June 20 the Ecology Committee will host an educational Ecology Fair. Displays will feature Mountain Gardening, Colorado Wildflowers, Living Green, Noxious Weeds (with guests Tim D’Amato, Larimer County and Dr. Phil Westra, CSU), GVM Plants, Forest Management (including the latest information on Mountain Pine Beetle from US Forest Service), Land Stewardship, and Living with Bears (featuring author and speaker Linda Masterson,  Jim and Jane Tiffin from the Crystal Lakes Bear Aware program, and Shane Craig, CO Division of Wildlife). Live plant displays, posters, and handouts will be available.

Annual Meeting Display Sign Up

GVM Annual Meeting 2008

Please sign up for any topics you would like to volunteer for at our June 20, 2009 GVM Annual Meeting. Suggestions are shown below. THANKS!!

Display Ideas

1. Crellin Canyon Nature Trail
2. Demonstration Garden
3. GVM Wildflowers & Plant List
4. GVM Trails
5. Land Stewardship & Property Inspections
6. Living with Bears
7. Mountain Pine Beetles & Forest Management
8. Noxious Weeds & Land Restoration
9. Recycling, Green Tips
10. Fire Mitigation & Wild Land Fire Ecology