Eco SWAT Team Hits Gate 1

7/18/09 8 am: This morning 7 members of the Ecology Committee (Ellen, Harry, Jim, Jonathan, Judy, Peggy, and Wynne) tackled noxious weeds, mostly Diffuse Knapweed (DK), surrounding Gate 1. An estimated 700 pre-seed stage plants were removed in just over an hour, see 7/18/09 Work Log Report. During that time 30-40 vehicles drove by and Peggy suggested that we take advantage of the visibility by making an educational sign so passersby would know who we are and what we are doing…not wanting to be mistaken for those serving their Community Service sentences! Harry said that he and Judy have removed DK from under the fenceline along Red Feather Lakes Road in years past and they found many plants there again. The group was in favor of Jim’s idea to spruce up the rock island at the entrance by planting rugged, yet attractive, native plants. Jim reported that there are many DK plants at Gate 8, so hopefully this will be our next target.

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