Haystack July Site Visit

7/8/09 Tim D’Amato (Larimer County Land Steward Manager) met with members of the Ecology Committee (Ellen, Harry, Lee, Linda P., Jim, Judd, Judy, Susan, Wynne) to review the progress of the Haystack Weed Demonstration Plots. Tim passed out copies of his experimental design and it was obvious that the Milestone and KJM spraying had worked to reduce the target species: Canada thistle. Other species (grasses, sedges, cinquefoil and forbs), except wild rose, appeared unaffected.  Tim said “we should keep monitoring for at least a year and a half to see long term affects.”  Tim was impressed by the interest in the GVM property owners association, and would like to use us as a model. He is also looking for input for other test sites in GVM. We treated Tim to dinner at the Western Ridge Restaurant after the site visit and then attended our July Ecology Meeting.

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