The Blog is Back.

A Blog is a series of stories and pictures that are regularly added to with new items. Think of a personal journal, where you periodically jot down or make notes to a book that continues to grow.

A website contains information that only occasionally changes, but only with changing conditions, purposes, readership. Mostly, a website is like a place a reader turns to for information about a person, a place, or a service. began its life as a blog. Quite a few people contributed to it on an ongoing basis, some regularly, some occasionally. We look back through the records and find active conversations between members of the community.

Somewhere along the line what began as a blog for GVM Ecology was converted to a static website, maintained by a single editor who wrote content that remained in place. Year after year.

The blog definition disappeared in the ethers.

Inheriting the responsibilities of Volunteer Webmaster for the Ecology Team, the present editor uncovered the files for the past blog entries, now hidden from view. Examining them, I saw the most recent blog post was in 2017.It’s not that the Ecology Team hasn’t existed since then. It’s a reflection of what happens with web maintenance in a volunteer organization with evolving membership.

Useful as a website is, we also need a place to keep up with all we’re doing as an Ecology Team.

So now we have both–a website, and a blog.

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