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GVM Ecology Team Business Meeting Tue May 10th 6:00 pm


GVM Ecology Team Business Meeting Information

Date:            5/10/2016

Time:            6:00 pm – 6:25pm

Location:     Mountain Meeting Place  (Gate 8)

Duration:    25 min


Agenda for Tue May 10th :


1)      Review Agenda

2)      SubTeam reports

  • Weeds/Native Plants  – Renee Popp
  • Trails – Linda Petrie (Frank Lily to address GVM trails)
  • Demo Garden  – (Workday planned 5/20)


3)      General

                Recap of Firewise Event

                Scheduling – review summer schedule  – coordinators – Ecology Picnic

                Annual Booth – improvements?

                Document Storage – Google Drive

                e-Mail management

Budget Update

First 2013 Ecology Meeting Wed April 17

4/7/2013 From Judd: “Our first meeting of the year has been in April, so mark your calendar for April 17, 6:30. Please let me know if you will be active this year and your interests. Trails will include regular maintenance and construction of a new trail from Mt. Sherman down to Sloan Trail Water Treatment Plant: we will continue removing weeds followed by seeding.”

Dryspike Sedge is Fruiting Now

Dryspike Sedge
Dryspike Sedge

05/24/2010 Jim E. emailed this information on Dryspike Sedge (Carex foenea): “It IS “an early fruiting species, but not what I thought.  I saw it today on the trail of the USFS’ meadow inholding near here.  Rather short with a tight spike on a single culm.  The genus Carex is extremely difficult to key out (at least for me), with many species here on the Eastern Slope.  A graduate student at CU/Boulder did his doctorate on these critters. You might pass this on to the few others for their take on this very common Carex adapted to dry conditions.”