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Update on Collecting Rainwater in GVM

House Bill 16-1005, effective August 10, 2016, allows precipitation to be collected from the rooftop of certain residential properties.

GVM residences that are a single family house on an exempt household-use only well can use rain barrels as allowed under HB16-1005. There is a limit of two rain barrels with a combined storage capacity not to exceed 110 gal. The water must be collected from the roof of the building that is used primarily as the residence and may be used for outdoor uses, such as lawn and garden irrigation, on the property where the water was collected. The water cannot be used for drinking water or indoor household purposes.

Click here for the Rainwater Collection page from the CO Division of Water Resources

Click here for the Best Practices in Residential Rain Barrels from CO Dept of Public Health and Environment

Click here for a Rainbarrel Fact Sheet from CSU

Click here for a Rainwater Collection Information Table from the Colorado Department of Water Resources



Watch “Water Bottle Disaster” Presentation

7/25/09 Peggy G emailed: “Remember my plastic bag email [?].   Well here is one for plastic bottles. I don’t buy bottled water anymore but not sure what to do about the Gatorade and ice tea and other bottled beverages I consume.  Tough choices.  At least there is recycling available now.”  

I found a link to the presentation she sent on this website:

Solar Panels in GVM

Spring 2009 Glacier Viewpoint article by Linda Bell: GVM is slowly going “green” – is now a good time to harness the sun as well? As spring arrives and summer heat is just around the corner, it is hard to imagine those cold days of December when homeowners were hostage to rising fuel costs – whether for propane, electricity, pellets, or snow-covered fire wood.

Jim Paulson from Solargreen
Jim Paulson, Solargreen

Have you noticed that some GVM residents have already installed solar panels to harness our ever-present winter sun? They might be betting on fuel costs continuing to rise, being in their homes long enough to see a substantial monetary gain for their forethought, or having something already installed a prospective homebuyer will jump at. What are the options? A group of interested GVM homeowners met in March with a representative of a Denver based solar energy company to get first-hand information on products that could be easily retrofitted or installed on new construction. Continue reading Solar Panels in GVM