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GVM Natural History Report Online

Manhead Mtn Photo
Manhead Mountain in Glacier View Meadows, CO (Photo by Jim Erdman)

In October 2012 Jim Erdman submitted a 26-page report  to the Mummy Range Institute which has featured it on their website.  It is a “must read” for those of us who love the ecology, geology and beauty of GVM. Thank you Jim for your lucid writing and beautiful photos! For more information on the important work being done by the Mummy Institute, visit their website

Solar Panels in GVM

Spring 2009 Glacier Viewpoint article by Linda Bell: GVM is slowly going “green” – is now a good time to harness the sun as well? As spring arrives and summer heat is just around the corner, it is hard to imagine those cold days of December when homeowners were hostage to rising fuel costs – whether for propane, electricity, pellets, or snow-covered fire wood.

Jim Paulson from Solargreen
Jim Paulson, Solargreen

Have you noticed that some GVM residents have already installed solar panels to harness our ever-present winter sun? They might be betting on fuel costs continuing to rise, being in their homes long enough to see a substantial monetary gain for their forethought, or having something already installed a prospective homebuyer will jump at. What are the options? A group of interested GVM homeowners met in March with a representative of a Denver based solar energy company to get first-hand information on products that could be easily retrofitted or installed on new construction. Continue reading Solar Panels in GVM